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tv   [untitled]    July 18, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the lives of other security officials of many. critical condition. and while violence in syria continues the prime minister of turkey comes to moscow to try and convince russia to get tough on the assad regime. coming up i've got all the details. of the london olympics as the british with the games.
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to have you with us here on our today. life in moscow serious. deputy have been killed in a suicide bombing in damascus and the minister is the most senior official within the syrian government who have been killed since the conflict last year. to the violence that's been rocking the syrian capital for days now and in the very near future will be crossing live. to bring us all the latest developments on this story. well for now the turkish prime minister is here in russia for talks in reaction to the growing bloodshed in syria while moscow's staunchly opposed to any unilateral sanctions on the regime in damascus ankara has other views let's get more on the story sean thomas now joining us live here on r.t. good to see you sean obviously rusher insists it doesn't want any boots on the
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ground in syria do you think a turkey will be able to convince moscow otherwise. well roy it is certainly interesting this visit by ed one is seen as a last ditch effort to try and swing at russia over to the side of a lot of the international community who want to go for this a boots on the ground option with the u.n. security council resolution coming up now russia is against sanctions of russia is it more so against the idea of foreign military intervention in to syria in fact if you look at article seven in this resolution there is a cause a clause rather on the table that states as a last resort that foreign intervention could it be used in the syrian case is something that russia certainly does not want now. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has actually come out and propose another meeting that took correct to the flaws of the original geneva agreement more specifically he wants to bring iran to the table and to saudi arabia to the table who were not there before he says that
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having their participation is key the wires also reporting that kofi annan is in the line with us now also in the meeting today is that sergey lavrov and he came out just a little bit ago with some statements some comments and they i'm going to read it so that i don't get these wrong supporting just one side in the conflict will draw syria into civil war this is something that russia does not want to see happen he also says statements that assad must leave is really a sign of weakness from the international community also sanctions mean supporting only one side of the revolutionary movement and that's not fair to all parties involved and that also russia does not support the assad regime but russia does believe that they are sure he will not believe by himself but also the policy of supporting only one side in the conflict is going to lead to nowhere so lavrov coming out saying those statements giving these statements and the fact that russia is stalwart against this article seven it doesn't look like any minds will be
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changed today as we know and as you is discussing the prime minister out of the one he. good to speak with the russian president about the ongoing crisis in syria and looking back you know turkey and syria they used to be on good terms but now it's ok as prime minister likens a syria's crackdown on the rebels to practices of nazi germany how did relations reach such a low point. it's very interesting to follow if you if you look back turkey and syria their neighbors that they had friendly neighborly relations but then has this conflict escalated turkey began to switch sides now we know that turkey is more aligned with nato something that syria does not necessarily support but also syria has said that turkey is a becoming a hotbed of terrorism and of course on june twenty second things didn't get any better when syria shot down a turkish a fighter plane and things that have progressive like gotten worse since then now they are bordering countries so turkey does have a very important stake in the outcome of this. conflict in syria sure let's let's
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bring in the money matters here just for a moment he is russia's major pawn are in areas ranging all the way from gas to that of tourism do you think the cult flicking in syria is enough to upset these times. well i don't think so roy and here's why these are two countries that really must get along they have to like each other for a variety of reasons they have building contracts they have trade agreements they also have energy contracts in fact russia has the southern pipeline which they're building which is running it straight through turkish waters and turkey has allowed them to do that but also turkey is the pendant on russia for their energy supplies so there's going to be lots of other things on the table of course a lot of attention being drawn to syria but turkey and russia have a lot of other things to iron out as well. thomas on life in central moscow thank you. for continuing with our top story here on out of this massive blast targeting
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a security building in the heart of damascus certainly least six people killed one of them being syria's official defense minister let's cross over now to. study by cross live in the heart of damascus good to see you so can you give us the latest updates on the developments exactly where you are. well rory we have been hearing that first from syrian state run television but recently our two sources here in the country close to the syrian government have also confirmed that syria's defense minister has been killed in a suicide bomb in the center of the syrian capital some of the local media also reporting the deputy defense minister who is also being rational assad's brother in law has also died in this attack we actually have little information so far on exactly what and how this happened again. syrian state television or they've been reporting that a suicide bomb attack the national security building in in damascus at the time
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when i'm eighteen has been how that cabinet ministers and senior officials a free syrian army has already claimed responsibility for what happened while we're hearing conflicting reports from other use agencies. world news agency reports that the man who carried out this attack on wednesday in damascus was one of president bashar assad's bodyguards reports are that apart from defense minister and deputy defense minister other officials high ranking officials security officials have been killed and many many others seriously injured according to one local newspaper in the blast has also caused serious damage is and also killed many many civilians but this information is yet to be confirmed it's very hard to very far right now since we didn't get any official comment on what happened yet. while it's of course a tragic news for all syrian people of course we have to understand that this is
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one of the most serious losses since the beginning of the uprising started here in syria last march for the syrian regime whole security has reportedly been done decapitated and of course the regime is dramatically were kinda. right now you know you talk about this massive blast in damascus television a security building that killed at least six including the defense minister this massive suicide blast with the free syrian army already taking credit for this blast sometimes the west refers to these are members of the free syrian army as freedom fighters we know president bashar al assad referred to them as terrorists one might imagine that a suicide bombing would fall into the category of terrorism oh do if you would for the meantime bring us up to scratch up to the present and what's been happening in damascus in the build up to this explosion. well the syrian capital has been going through really tough times these last four days. and it's actually been going
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through. it's become a scene for heavy clashes between governmental troops and rebels who want to see this regime diluted who wants to bring it down by force the fighting has reportedly been taking in at least five neighborhoods in damascus all in southern part of the capital and the heaviest have reportedly taken place in an area known as me don and today a free syrian army has claimed that they are totally control in the area while we've been hearing earlier from governmental sources here in damascus that. they've been . they've been having some kind of success during the operation in these areas so we are getting of course conflicting reports from different sides of the conflict on what is going on and how successful both sides are but what is clear is that free syrian army and the position and whatever you call these forests that are
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fighting against regime of president bashar al assad succeed it has achieved to spread panic and fear month people in this feeling of despair and of course lack of security and safety and it will be getting more and more difficult for the regime to control the situation or of course one roof and often a very damascus thank you. study by for us in. the middle east affairs writer christopher coming on the program. it's good to see you today thanks for coming out of such short notice we're talking about this massive blast in damascus here how big of a setback do you think is the latest attack all damascus for assad's government. well obviously you're one would assume that this is a major military setback for us and for the security services but more importantly i think that says it's a political setback with
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a very deliberate intent the free syrian army has conducted this campaign in order to prove that the government's destabilized that syria is in the midst of the civil war and to. call for intervention by the western powers or certainly the western powers have been have been suggesting that these are free syrian army members are ultimately freedom fighters on the hunt for democracy and freedom of speech and so on and so forth assad referring to them as terrorists wouldn't want to mention possibly that a suicide attack on a government installation would fall into the category of terrorism. well there's no doubt that the conduct in a terrorist campaign the free syrian army is made up of. pro-american elements. supporters of saudi and. the gulf monarchies. to the pros in order to weaken the position of
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russia and china in the middle east region and to secure the germany of the united states and its gulf allies. but other the rebels certainly as well as we're seeing here have been turning up the heat on assad's regime over the past days and weeks i mean how much longer do you really think this conflict can continue. well i think. the timetable writ of what is going to place is being set by the discussions at the united nations security council on the brule of the drive for shape in the middle east i don't think that the conflict is going to carry on in the form that is taken there is a real push for western intervention in the discourse in a chapter seven. back in for sanctions chapter seven obviously as we all know allows for military intervention there's a lot of discussion about whether about me would president obama would want not before the elections but i think to make that the top stone of your perspective
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would be somewhat naive understandably the american president barack obama at a time of politicking and election campaigning as well i mean you suggest that it may be a dangerous maneuver for him to put his support behind article seven as you said from the u.n. that would allow for military intervention then again there are many that say that for example with the presidency of george w. bush terrorism was very very good for his position in the white house when it comes to as you were saying a moment ago about certainly many in the west eager to have assad and his government replaced if we're regime change did occur who would take assad's place. well i don't want to say name personnel i don't think that will be decided at this point they are. obviously concerns about the fractures character of the syrian national council. but if one looks at the experience elsewhere what took place most immediately in libya they will say to us install a regime that is more more closely oriented towards the united states and is
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considered to be true. mo broadly throughout the middle east now certainly as you did mention a few moments ago the u.n. is set to decide the fate of the troubled observer mission in syria i mean do you really think this observer mission can make any difference when it comes to international efforts at this point kofi annan has been busy going to geneva and coming to moscow and going back and forth trying to promote his peace plan some are saying he's just a marionette and it's all a smokescreen for what really is an agenda being pushed by other countries. well there's no doubt that the united nations won't be the first time the united nations has played a duplicitous role in world politics in the present circumstances it's very clear that the united states britain and france all pushing for a chapter seven in forstmann of any new measures to be taken against and there's
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only one reason to insist on such a stipulation and that is to go for some form of military intervention the question is what form with whether there will be some form of direct military support or a whether there will be some proxy come through to saudi arabia. and all the regional players are live from the u.k. middle east affairs writer christopher marston thank you so much for coming on today thank you very much. well still to come in the program for you here on a british bank scandals rage on with the added twist of drugs on terror the country's biggest bank h.s.b.c. is accused of laundering drug cartel money in helping saudi arabian organizations fund terrorism those details just in a couple of minutes. and the gloves come off in georgia we reported how the government tightens its grip on power oppressing the opposition ahead of parliamentary election. it is
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a quarter past the hour here in moscow and the boss of a british security firm has admitted the company's reputation is in tatters after failing to provide enough staff to guard the olympics however he still wants to claim the fifty seven million pound management fee saying it's part of the contract as aussies laura smith reports olympic security concerns are now extending all the way across the atlantic. as athletes and guests start to arrive here at heathrow airport for london's olympic games they'll be met by all the usual sites including loans that immigration as u.k. border officials struggle to cope with the sheer numbers involved but it won't be just u.k. officials come across some may be surprised to see american agents operating on british soil the u.s. transport administration or for a city has reportedly been allowed to bring in agents in a move aimed at helping british authorities to secure american flights in and out
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of the u.k. the agents apparently won't be allowed past boarding gates or on to u.k. aircraft but them if presidents could prove controversial in the u.s. they've been accused of performing intrusive pat down it's just the latest confession that britain's been forced to make to the u.s. which doesn't believe the olympic host has done enough to ensure the security of the games the american team will reportedly bring with it five hundred f.b.i. agents to protect its athletes and diplomats plus a further five hundred security staff all of whom will be operating on british soil raising questions about so pretty american on the follows a catalogue of failures on behalf of the security company that won the contract for the games g four s. earlier its admitted it couldn't provide the number of security staff it had
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promised that meant that three and a half thousand soldiers and hundreds of police have had to be drafted in at the very last minute to plug the store full. reporting right there let's go to the aussie welled up and i will start with afghanistan that's well over twenty nato fuel tankers have been destroyed in a bomb attack in the northern part of the country an explosive device was planted on one of the trucks transporting fuel into the country from. neighboring uzbekistan now this comes only weeks after pakistan reopened alliance supply routes into afghanistan the seven month blockade was caused by a two thousand and eleven nato attack which claimed the lives of twenty seven pakistani soldiers. the world's most wanted nazi war crimes suspect has been detained for questioning in budapest its ninety seven year old last llosa tyree had previously been sentenced to death in absentia for the assisted murder of almost sixteen thousand jews during world war two satori escaped to canada after
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the war however he was stripped of his citizenship and has been in hiding since one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. in libya a liberal bloc the national forces alliance is celebrating success in the parliamentary election held earlier this month the group claimed almost half the seats reserved for political parties the muslim brotherhood fared worse with just over twenty percent of the party places the lawmaking bodies to to appoint a transitional government and oversee the drafting of a new constitution coming up here on r.t. we interview journalist patrick hayes on libya for now a quick preview for you. were it not for nato intervention last year i think these elections should really have been something to celebrate the election itself has been administered by the national transitional council which was effectively cherry picked by the west rather than than actually selected by the libyan people it's an unelected body and there have been a lot of disagreements there's been
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a lot of protests over the past nine ten months by the libyan people who are unhappy with the lack of transparency from this government's their own happy with the fact that the transitional council does not represent their views or the people that they want to be in power. we are not far away from her joining katie for the business for now though a london based bank h.s.b.c. it's under fire after a report found to have been laundered drug cartel cash and to help saudi arabian organizations finance terrorism and u.s. government report claims the bank's branches moved billions of dollars without checking where the money came from my colleague bill dodd spoke to middle east affairs expert who believes this news will cause some countries to reconsider their alliances. i think this proves what many people have said all along that it is saudi arabia which is the main export of radical all of this religious extremism of
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the radical elements and i think how they handle it just it just explains what i don't want guys under what guys we're talking about what sort of terrorist groups are we talking about here while we're talking about you know for example the extremism of those people who are now for example of causing violence in syria or those who were sent to chechnya are the paid people of groups it was pakistan even our car there as well we have to have to say here that some elements of the royal firmly also have their contacts contributed as well to our car either but more importantly i think that this report. that sheds light on the whole lie and say between the saudi family the saudi royal family and some western countries what this will do is it will put more pressure on the western governments to try and change their policy here now of course saudi arabia is considered to be an ally for
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how long could this continue in many people are speculating that maybe the western governments might reconsider might soon reconsider their alliance and why why early what are you right would they be doing that first of all because we have the uprisings currently happening which puts more pressure on the on the u.s. government on the british government the saudi arabia until now hasn't taken any steps towards political reform and the other reason is that saudi arabia when it becomes more annoyed that saudi arabia is the main source of this extremism that we're late to a popular vigilance for example in the u.s. in countries like britain i believe that this report and more similar developments would put more pressure on the on the u.s. and all of these western countries. you're watching r.t. now the parliamentary elections in georgia are just three months away with political tensions and foul play already dominating three opposition activists
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arrested on choose day for allegedly violating party funding rules as artie's arena good reports some fear president mikheil saakashvili is ruling party will cling to power by any means necessary. where i was my friends who were kidnapped by the by george imposed by the kind of groups which we accompanied by door don't polish like many of the outspoken critics of the regime of president saakashvili because google is used to this kind of treatment but now as parliamentary elections draw closer the authorities are trying to do really any opposition momentum on top of the tried and trusted methods of shutting down the opposition where there are three things but as a really seems to have switched his attention to their wallets now all donors are subjected to thorough investigations and the researching parties themselves are usually slapped with have to find a new law imposed earlier this year bans corporate donors and puts a rigid cap on donations made by individuals who incidentally it came into effect
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shortly after georgia's wealthiest businessmen billionaire businessman she really founded his own political party georgian dream. after even if she only became the new face of the georgia opposition really became seriously worried and began hampering our efforts the first history of the big deal even issuing of his georgian citizenship and is now trying to take away his business under this new law even his release party has already been fined more than a million dollars for allegedly receiving illegal the nation's opposition parties with smaller budgets aren't overlooked by the government either party was trying to you know by two hundred used or two hundred dollars in the u.s. dollar and it's a huge amount of. budget of two months so this fight a show that means that real position parties are prohibitive in georgia cutting
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cash flow appears to be the latest weapon in. with the opposition and with only three months before the elections it seems the playing field is becoming increasingly on. in tbilisi georgia if you are going to school r.t. . for a promise to those currently standing by the r.c. business. what are the agenda for the markets well the european markets where they seem to be getting over the initial disappointment over no slowly clues that the federal reserve chairman will commit to more stimulus i was looking at moderate gains really got credit suisse the second biggest with bank jumping over five percent let's all join us in a higher cost cutting target for those ever extend the phone company missed things expectations those so we've got light gains as you can see just as the exchange rates we have a look at the ruble and see that it's merging to get a i guess the currencies me while the euro is once again for three things against the dollar and i'm going to talk further about the euro because the common
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currency is now trading at two year lows we'll have a look at a figure i just to put it into perspective for you that's not to take a hit by the euro zone debt problems and concerns over the future of it's a unity and all the lace is put by suck so by one of the main for weeks speculators they say that we'll forces them so the whole thing helps stabilize the situation at all she's told valsin he discussed with the head of the bank f.x. strategy on holiday. you know where the year is going to stay together two things need to have first dream is to become more involved in be more generous it's going to be so far in the equation and as well we need to see a restructuring of the debt is too much to prefer we can't keep the step in the current solutions that germany is offering saving austerity that is not the way solution there's no way to save our way out slave requires that somebody takes
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a loss and with the debt is written off to a certain extent to allow it to be sustainable if you talk to the electorate some day want to hear back to they don't just want to do you say to them. ok fight the system you've been badly mistreated by bankers by people like yourself or do you turn around and say to them you have to shut up now stop protesting all have to realize as a society that it's not about throwing one party out and bringing another party and it's about realizing this loss has to be taken your pension is not worth as much as you think it is because some of this needs to be written down so that realization that is an important step towards towards real change towards a restructuring taking the loss realizing that the upfront pain is actually better because it creates a sustainable system going so painful reforms now unneeded on the past has to be gone through there's no way to escape it although it may be to let you to go on exactly unfortunately the longer it goes on the bigger the system the pile that
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builds up so becomes just more painful in the long run it's better to take the head now rather than later in that you is going to be the first place to take a hit because of its fragile political fiscal framework. some of his out there is a mix the film is often here most go let's get us not salt as some of the biggest movies and sake is that we got to look them up on the screen just that gaining eight tenths of a percent of course a nice green colors he just does it happy days until today they're. just about oil then because we know how important it is for the markets and we're looking at the colliding figure it's just that i tell you time is of the at the next town but it took him back man join me that they changed the highway for the headlines. an issue free. when you take three months for charges three arrangement
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three. three stooges free. download free. broadcast quality video for your media projects at free video dot r t dot com. world for the future of science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. in motion would be soon which brightened if you want to buy.


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